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Winematters Lecturers


“The more I studied wine the more I believed that sharing my knowledge with others was essential if our industry were to continue to flourish.  The rise of the New World in the early 1990's marked a fundamental shift not just in what people drank but in our relationship with wine.  Almost overnight the centuries of snobbery that had consigned the vast majority of wine drinkers to an unpalatable diet of alcoholic sugar-water were over.  Gone were the indecipherable labels and arcane language and in its place stood shelves full of easy to understand, delicious, uncomplicated wine.  Having lived through that revolution I am certain that we must a) never let wine get that rarefied and b) ensure that we’ve not just burnt the books.  There is a place for both the straightforward and the sophisticated.  Sometimes it’s jeans and a T-shirt and others it’s a dinner jacket.   Neither should be intimidating and neither is obligatory.  What you drink is a choice; What I want to do is make sure it is an informed one.”

Title:  Managing Director & Principal

Favourite Wines:  Barolo, Champagne & Rioja.

Hobbies:  I'm a full-time parent at the moment but running and cycling when I get the chance.  Cooking when I’ve managed to run and cycle first.

Favourite quote from a book/film:  Withnail and I:  the part where Richard E. Grant quotes a  Hamlet soliloquy whilst necking Margaux ’53.

Interesting/unusual fact about yourself:  I originally studied Engineering at University.  All my bridges would have collapsed, I’m sure!

If you were a wine what would you be and why:  Barolo, shy yet assertive at the same time.

What 3 items can you not live without:  moisturiser, steak & running shoes.



Ruth has been working in the wine industry for over a decade, making wine in famous regions across three continents. She is now based in the UK, and worked as a researcher for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust before joining the WineMatters team in 2012. She gained her Diploma in 2014 and is now using her considerable expertise to help WineMatters deliver continuous improvement in the quality of our courses and continue to meet our students' high expectations.

Title:  Head of Research and Transformation

Favourite Wines: Madeira. 

Hobbies:  Keeping fit.

Favourite quote from a book/film: "Always look on the bright side of life"  

Interesting/unusual fact about yourself:  I'm a qualified skydiver.

If you were a wine what would you be and why:  German Riesling, because I like variety and intend to age well!

What 3 items can you not live without:  FitBit, a good book and...corkscrew!