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Michael Palij, Master of Wine


Directed by Michael Palij MW, one of only 354 Masters of Wine in the world, WineMatters has been running passionate and informative wine courses In Oxford and around the world since 1994. Thousands of enthusiastic individuals have already enjoyed learning more about wine in a friendly and informal environment with WineMatters.

Whether you're an amateur wine enthusiast, currently in the trade, or considering a career in wine, there is a WineMatters course for you.

WineMatters is an Approved Programme Provider (APP) accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Most of our students choose one of their internationally recognised qualifications but we also offer Masterclasses, Sales and Service courses for the Hospitality sector, and Corporate Events.



WSET Level 1 - Oxford

Award in Wines and Spirits

The WSET Level 1 course is perfect for someone with absolutely no prior knowledge of wine or its service. It is also ideally suited to someone starting out in the wine service industry or looking to form a base of knowledge from which to build.

By using our senses of sight, smell and taste we will explore the main styles of wine and learn how to accurately describe them. On top of developing these basic skills we will learn the simplest mechanics behind food and wine matching.

For more information on the syllabus please click her

Format: Day Release
Sessions: 9.30am-5pm
Dates: 13th Mar 2017 
Cost: £150


WSET Level 2 - Oxford

Award in Wines and Spirits

With no prerequisites, the WSET Level 2 is the perfect course for absolute beginners.

It assumes no prior knowledge and starts with the basics of wine tasting and production before embarking on a merry trip around the world’s major grape varieties.  WineMatters rounds this course off with our famous food and wine matching session. You will come away with a firm grounding in wine appreciation and the course also makes an ideal gift for that special person in your life.

For more information on the syllabus please click here.

Format: Evenings
Sessions: 8 x 2hrs + Exam
Dates: 10th Jan 2017 - 7th Mar 2017
Cost: £425

WSET Level 3 - Oxford


Although there are no formal prerequisites for this course it builds naturally on the material covered in the WSET Level 2 and we would recommend completing that course first. 

There is a clear focus on developing an effective tasting technique together with learning about the factors behind the world’s great wines. 

If you’re not in the trade, this is all you’ll ever need to navigate with confidence in every wine shop and restaurant in the land. For more information on the syllabus please click here.

Format: Evenings
Sessions: 15 x 2hrs + Exam
Dates: 9th Jan 2017 - 8th May 2017
Cost: £700

WSET Level 4 - Oxford

Diploma in Wines and Spirits

This is the WSET’s flagship qualification and WineMatters is delighted to have been teaching it in Oxford since 1994. Michael also teaches Diploma students around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia and Japan.

It is a two-year programme designed for those working in the trade and is regarded as the benchmark qualification in the industry.  No matter what your occupation, the WSET Diploma is the global benchmark for the drinks industry.  It is a significant undertaking but those who gain the qualification are well-placed to take up senior positions in the drinks industry. For more information on the syllabus please click here.

Format: Day Release
Sessions: 16 x 8hrs + Exam
Dates: Sep 2017 - Jun 2019
Cost: POA

WSET Level 2 - Cheltenham

Award in Wines and Spirits

The WSET Level 2 course is the perfect springboard into the world of wine.It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and starts by defining how our palate works. By learning how to detect acidity, sweetness, tannin and alcohol we can then begin our journey into winemaking and the world's most important grape varieties.

Level 2 also covers fortified wine, sparkling wine and starts to build an understanding of the complexities of matching wine with food.

For more information on the syllabus please click her


Format: Evenings
Sessions: 8 x 2hrs + Exam
Dates: 11th Jan - 8th Mar 2017
Cost: £425

WSET Level 3 - Cheltenham


The WSET Level 3 course naturally builds upon the foundation of Level 2, although it is not a prerequisite. Continuing to hone our palate through blind tasting we delve much deeper into the world's greatest wine regions and start to uncover the mysteries of their soils and climates.

We also consider their commercial relevance and the global market in order to build a very clear picture of today's wine industry.

For more information on the syllabus please click here.

Format: Evenings
Sessions: 15 x 2hrs + Exam
Dates: 12th Jan-11th May 2017
Cost: £700

Piemonte - A Nebbiolo Masterclass Tasting


I’ve been travelling to Piemonte since the early 1990s and have watched its steady gentrification. The renovation of derelict buildings, the arrival of smart hotels and eateries, and the profusion of boutique wineries all speak of an area very much on the rise.

Having imported Piemontese wines for so long, it’s no surprise that a reasonable number of decent bottles have found their way into my cellar. On November 11 I am proposing to open a number of these with a group of just ten friends at The Nut Tree, a Michelin-starred pub near Oxford.

Format: Tasting Dinner
Date: 11th Nov 2016
Time: 7pm - 11:30pm

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