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WSET Level 3 - September 2019 Oxford - Gift Pack

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WSET Level 3 - September 2019 - Course Fee Gift Pack

Fee for course commencing 9th September 2019 - to be given as a gift.

A WineMatters gift voucher makes an ideal gift.  Our courses are fun, they also lead to a recognised qualification, and drinks are included!  What isn’t to like? 

Our gift vouchers are personalised and we’ll send the lucky recipient a Welcome Letter along with a gift certificate for the WSET Level 3 Course.

Course Dates:  9th September 2019 - 16th December 2019
  Monday evenings 7pm-9pm for 15 weeks
Venue: Seminar Room 2, Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford, OX2 6UD
WSET Exam: 16th December 2019


This course builds on the knowledge and tasting skills acquired from the Level 2 (Intermediate) course and continues with a clear focus on developing effective tasting technique. Successful students will be able to describe the production methods and organoleptic characteristics of a broad range of high-quality wines and spirits from around the world. The WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting is followed when tasting each wine.

The course runs over 15 sessions of 2 hours each, plus a final examination consisting of a Theory paper (50 multiple choice questions + short written answer questions) + a Tasting paper (blind tasting of 2 wines).

The Total Qualification Time for this course is 84 hours. At Wine Matters we give you 32.5 Guided Learning Hours meaning you should complete a minimum of 51.5 hours of study outside of the classroom environment.

The sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Introduction & Tasting Technique

Session 2: Natural Factors & Human Influences In The Vineyard

Session 3: Human Influences In The Winery

Session 4: White Wines Of Alsace, Germany, Austria & Tokaji

Session 5: White Wines Of Burgundy, the Loire Valley And Bordeaux

Session 6: Red & Rosé Wines Of Bordeaux, South West France & The Loire Valley

Session 7: Red Wines Of Burgundy, Beaujolais And The Red & White Wines Of The Northern Rhône Valley

Session 8: Red Wines Of Northern Spain And Red & White Wines Of Northern Italy

Session 9: Red & White Wines Of Central & Southern Italy, Red Wines Of Portugal And Red & White Wines Of Greece

Session 10: Red, White & Rosé Wines Of The Southern Rhône Valley And Southern France. Red Wines Of Spain Part I And White Wines Of Spain & Portugal

Session 11: Premium Red Wines Of The New World

Session 12: Premium White Wines Of The New World

Session 13: Regional specialities Of The New World

Session 14: Sparkling Wines

Session 15: Fortified Wines