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“An entry-level WineMatters course was my first introduction to the study of wine. Just this one six week event I told myself. But, thanks to the way Michael made it both fun and challenging I was hooked. Went on to the next level, then to the Diploma - still with Michael and his team. Then to writing about wine - and tasting some more. And along the way there have been some epic tastings, spectacular food and wine dinners and the chance to make some good friends. Thanks WineMatters!” Graham Harding, author of A Wine Miscellany

“I’ve done most of my wine training with WineMatters, who stand head and shoulders above any other school I’ve used, not least because Michael Palij is an incredibly engaging teacher who makes every lesson interesting and fun. As well as his infectious enthusiasm, Michael has an uncanny ability to help candidates develop their confidence in tasting well beyond their initial expectations” - Jeremy Rockett, Rockett Science Marketing

“WineMatters have achieved excellent results in all levels of WSET qualifications with results consistently above the Global average” - Michael Walpole, Business Development, WSET

“If the Intermediate Certificate is a Sunday afternoon stroll and the Advanced Certificate a vigorous hike, the WSET Diploma is a serious climb in the Alps.Why would anyone in their right mind put themselves through such a demanding challenge?Perhaps it is because there is real satisfaction in developing your tasting technique to a professional standard; because the WSET’s approach makes you understand how what you have in your glass is the complex expression of geography, history, chemistry, biology and many other factors; and because the Diploma makes you engage with wine as a business as well as a pleasure.And for sure there is a lot of pleasurable tasting to be done along the way. You wouldn’t want to climb this mountain without an experienced guide.The WineMatters tutors are exactly that.They coach you intensively in your tasting technique; they provide comprehensively detailed notes and reading material; they support your research by supplying access to relevant articles; they coach you in exam technique, mark practice essays and set mock exams.It isn’t easy to pass the Diploma, but a lot easier if you have WineMatters’ support.” - Philip Carpenter, non-trade

“A good glass of wine is synonymous with good times and memorable experiences.In the luxury segment of the hospitality industry wine knowledge is essential to great service and Michael Palij is the best in the business when it comes to imparting that knowledge.I’ve found him to be thorough in his execution and his passion for wine has made us all excited about offering the best to our guests.” - Sam Wilkinson, Training and Development Manager, Sandy Lane Barbados